Rolf Parrish

Having made a career out of managing people Rolf found the transition into coaching a natural progression. Rolf is not new to coaching, having successfully coached football for approximately 20 years. However, having become disillusioned with grass roots football Rolf decided to look for a new challenge and he subsequently found triathlon, a journey which began in 2014 when Rolf began training with Team True Spirit Triathlon Club for his first venture into the sport, a sprint distance event in Yorkshire. Since then he has gone on to compete at all distances from sprint distance up to and including Ironman and he considers his Ironman finish in 2015 as his greatest personal achievement.  

In Rolf’s words;

As my passion for the sport of triathlon grew I decided to take my coaching qualifications and in 2016 I qualified as a Level 1 British Triathlon Coach. As I did more and more coaching my affinity with the swim aspect of triathlon grew immeasurably. I enjoy the swim coaching to such an extent that in 2017 I qualified as an ASA level 2 Swim Instructor. I am also currently studying for a degree in Sports Fitness and Coaching. I am passionate about coaching and understand that athletes are individuals and are all different, there is no one size fits all and that is the challenge for me, as a coach. It’s a challenge that I relish.

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